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we were watchin high school musical 2 a few weeks ago and during this scene where sharpay betrayed ryan my friend was like “this is the exact plot of game of thrones”

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Apologies to Artemisia Gentileschi.

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just bought fuckin plane tickets to see lupinlupout next month LFFPFLLFPLFPFL

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stuffletsbetherapist: What's wrong with Banksy?


i prefer calling him ‘zen stencils’

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Anonymous: i thought yas was ~*~gay lingo~*~???

well uh white gays kind of have a history of cultural appropriation soOooOO

Anonymous: oop saying yass if youre not black is actually cultural appropriation :/

ahhh ok sorry!!! i didnt know 

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im at the very end of sorcerer’s stone and dumbledore is awarding last minute points to gryffindor and i might have to skip this bc it is sickening

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